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Debunking Myths: 3 Common Misconceptions About Senior Home Care


Majority of the senior population prefer to age at home and hire a caregiver rather than move into a residential care facility. Unquestionably, aging in a familiar setting assisted and surrounded by family is the better option. However, a lot of seniors and their family are hesitant about whether a senior home care in San Jose, California is a good idea or not. This is due to the misconceptions that surround it.

Most misconceptions mislead families into believing that home care is not a sustainable option. If you and your family are debating over it, you are not the only one. You are one of the many whose perception have been overshadowed with erroneous information.

This is why we made it a point to debunk the three most common misconceptions clouding senior home care. It is time for you to finally get your facts checked.

  1. Home Care Is Unaffordable 

    Home care provides you with a variety of options. Affordability may depend on what type of services you need – from the number of hours all the way to the level of care required. If you do not need 24/7 assistance and extensive medical care, then without a doubt, it is within your means.

    Rest assured, receiving home care services is more affordable than sending a senior into a senior care home. With home care, you do not need to pay for the accommodation and other miscellaneous services; you are only charged for the services you receive. This alone cuts a huge chunk out of your expenses.

  2. Home Care Is Only for the Very Ill 

    There are two types of home care, namely non-medical and medical. If you are in need of a specialized type of care due to an illness or recent operation, you may require medical home care manned by a skilled nurse or other medical professionals. However, if all you need is extra help at home, non-medical home care is the best option.

    Non-medical home care is suitable for seniors who need assistance with day-to-day activities. To name a few, a caregiver can assist a senior with toileting, grooming, dressing, and light housekeeping. The range of services may differ per provider.

  3. Home Care Workers Abuse Patients 

    Your loved one’s safety is extremely important. This is why this piece of information can be extremely unsettling. Chances are, you may be second guessing hiring a caregiver due to alarming stories about mistreated senior patients – some abused, others victimized by theft. However, if you have done proper research, you will find that these rare incidents were committed by independent or freelance caregivers.

    This is why we recommend seniors and their family to hire a caregiver through an established home care company. At Boundless Caregivers Senior Mobile Services, all of our caregivers go through a rigorous screening process and a continual training program to deliver quality senior care assistance in California. If you want to know more, feel free to give us a call.

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