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What You Need to Know About Running an Errand Service


Errand runners are all about offering their assistance to other people. They accomplish this by running errands for those who aren’t able to manage or have a difficult time doing this on their own, just like senior citizens. You’ll find there are few things in life more rewarding than being able to help someone in need and make them smile in the process. And of course, you get to be paid for it as well!

“Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services, a provider of senior home care in San Jose, California, is offering first-rate errand services for senior citizens.
Find out the best-kept secrets to building a good errand running service! And if you happen to be in the market for a senior errand service in California, make sure the business you’ve chosen to partner with applies the following:

  • Grouping your errands

    A great idea would be to group errands from customers in the same area together. For instance, you can designate particular days of the week for doing certain tasks. That way, you won’t have to keep doing the same tasks on the other days. You can save time and be more productive.

  • Rush or canceled orders must be charged

    It would only be proper for a customer to inform you a day ahead about an errand they want you to run. A 24-hour notice also has to be given for canceling services. Consider charging a fee for people who cancel at the last minute as that would not afford you enough time to look for another customer.

    It would also be appropriate for rush services to come with an additional charge since the customer expects you to accomplish the job in a lot less time than normal. The customers should be informed about any additional charges for special requests from the get-go.

  • Payment reminders

    Among the many age-related concerns is memory loss, so there’s always going to be that chance that your senior customers will forget to pay you. You need to be ready for these “senior moments” by providing a polite reminder. If they request your services on a regular basis, then kindly ask them to pay you upfront. Be sure your records are accurate so you won’t have trouble with payment collections.

  • Advertise well

    You can have newspapers or local senior publications run your ad for a while so that people will start to notice it and call for your services when needed. Like any other modern-day business, having an online presence is important. However, in considering your target audience, you should never overlook the benefits of paper news as that’s what most of our elderly community members have gotten used to.

  • Orders have to be paid for and kept separate

    If you’re doing groceries or shopping for clothes, be sure to pay for the orders separately. Your customers are most likely to want their own receipts for the items they asked you to purchase. In addition, you have to properly label the bags for a particular customer, ensuring that the items won’t get mixed up.

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