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What to Remember when Cooking for Seniors


Healthy meals are essential elements for an elderly loved one’s overall wellbeing. Hence, as family caregivers, we need always to ensure that our aging family members are eating healthy, well-balanced, and nutritious meals. As providers of senior home care in San Jose, California, let us share with you some helpful insights on meal preparations that make our senior loved one’s foods fit for them.

Consider the following:

  • Prepare easy-to-swallow meals
    Not all seniors have dental losses in their aging season; however, swallowing can become troublesome in this phase of life. When foods are difficult to swallow, it will not be appealing to our aging family members. Try slicing your ingredients into thin and smaller parts so it will be more convenient for your elderly parent to eat them.
  • Cut on Salt
    One of the common ailments occurring in the aging years is hypertension. Because of this, we need to exert more effort in ensuring that our loved one’s meals don’t trigger this condition. Salt is a known trigger of hypertension due to its sodium content. It will be ideal to cut back on salt when cooking for your loved one’s foods. Furthermore, you also need to avoid processed foods as these contain a high amount of sodium. As flavoring alternative, use herbs and spices instead.
  • Learn to Substitute
    As previously mentioned, herbs and spices are great substitutes for salt when providing flavor to foods, and these are also healthier ingredients, ideal for our aging loved ones. Learning further about other healthier food substitutes can help you find better options to serve your senior family member. Nothing to worry as our team providing senior care assistance in California can also help you out in meal preparations.
  • Allow Choices
    Naturally, your senior family member will also have their preferred foods, and to encourage them to look forward to their meal times, let them choose what they want to eat. Ensure that you give extra consideration on their chosen food, but at the same time, replace the usual ingredients with healthier versions. This way, you can still ensure that even if some food requests are not healthy, they can eat the healthier version.
  • Study Cooking
    Whether you’re into cooking or not, learning further about this life skill can equip you better in being a better assistant and care provider to your senior loved one. Some cooking centers even provide programs specially designed for elderly meals, so this is something you might want to explore on.

Let meal preparations be more convenient and manageable at home. Feel free to get some assistance when you know you need one. Providers of senior errand service in California can be of great help not only when cooking for your loved one, but also in assisting them on their wellness and safety.

If you need this kind of assistance, set an appointment with us at “Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services.

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