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Ways to Keep Seniors Safe in Their Homes

Ways to Keep Seniors Safe in Their Homes

Senior safety is a top priority. To keep your aging loved ones safe in their own homes, here are 3 simple ways you can follow.

  • Get rid of all clutter.

    Clutter increases the risk of slips and falls at home. That is why it is important to remove any kind of clutter, especially on the floor. Consider the following tips to remove clutter:

    – There should be no toys on the floor and in high traffic areas. These include the living room and the stairs.
    – Throw fruit peelings directly to the trash bin. They are usually slippery and stepping on them accidentally can cause a fall.
    – All wires and cords must be kept hidden to avoid being tripped on.
    – Get rid of loose rugs.

    It will be best to check and remove clutter every day. If your aging loved ones need someone to help them with removing clutter and keeping the home clean at all times, they can request senior care assistance in California.

  • Make home modifications

    The home of your aging loved ones can be modified to make it more senior-friendly. The modifications that need to be done may depend on the level of safety risks identified during the assessment conducted by a provider of senior home care in San Jose, California. The following are some of the possible home modifications:

    – Install grab bars and safety strips in the bathroom.
    – Replace the bathtub with a walk-in tub or shower.
    – Install bright lights in every room in the home.
    – Lower countertops, sinks, stovetops, and cabinets so your loved ones will not have to use ladders to reach the items they need to get.

    You will have to discuss with your loved ones the total costs of these modifications.

  • Address health-related concerns

    There are also health-related concerns that can compromise the safety of your aging family members. These concerns must be addressed to lower safety risks.

    – Check with the doctor if your loved ones have poor or low vision. They may need vision aids.
    – Mobility devices may also be necessary to address physical limitations.
    – The medications they are taking may be causing nausea and dizziness. Talk to the doctor about possible remedies.

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