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Things to Remember When Lifting an Elderly Person

things-to-remember-when-lifting-an -elderly-person
As the leading provider of senior care assistance in California, we have a vast experience of moving and lifting individuals, especially those with a disability and the elderly. Because these are very vulnerable physical conditions, lifting them involves a special set of skills and extra precaution to ensure their safety and your convenience.

If you’re taking care of a family member who needs regular lifting, this post is for you. Whether you’re lifting your loved one out from the bed to the wheelchair, in and out of the bathroom, or out of the house to your personal vehicle, you need to be equipped with necessary information before lifting your loved one.

Even if you can ask help from providers of senior home care in San Jose, California, know that with proper knowledge, you can extend lifting assistance to an aging family member.

Before you try to lift your loved one, it’s essential that you are certain of the following information:

  • Your loved one requires some help in moving from point A to point B.
  • Your loved one is in need of being supervised in their movements.
  • Your loved one has asked you to help them move.
  • You are fully aware of how much your loved one weighs.
  • You are healthy and fit enough to lift and carry your loved one.
  • You have extra hands to assist you whenever it is necessary.
  • You are fully knowledgeable of how long it takes for your help to be accomplished.
  • You are walking on a clear pathway.
  • You are wearing comfortable and loose clothes.
  • You have put on rubber shoes so you won’t easily slip.

The above-mentioned items can help you assess yourself whether you can aptly assist your loved one or not. If you find that you can, here are additional reminders to keep in mind:

  • Lift your loved one below their shoulder height.
  • Always ensure that your feet are stable and steady on the floor.
  • Make sure that your arms are holding your loved one firmly.
  • Hold your loved one very close to your body.
  • Ensure that your back is straightened and your knees are bent as you lift your loved one.
  • Lift your loved one as slowly and as surely as possible.

Lifting our loved ones to provide support for their regular activities can be challenging at times. Since this requires much exertion of force, you need to always ensure that you’re fit to lift them at that moment. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from providers of senior errand service in California when you find that lifting your loved one requires extra hands to accomplish.

Are you taking care of a senior family member who needs this kind of assistance? Do they have a preference to age in their home? Let our team at “Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services be of help to you. Contact us for an appointment.

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