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Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe At Home

Senior Couple Being Served Meal By Carer

Our services providing senior home care in San Jose, California can lend licensed and secure assistance to seniors who are homebound and in need of care and assistance. Some seniors live away from their families and have to be on their own. But with the professional care services that our caregivers are able to provide, senior life can be happy, healthy, and safe in their homes.

“Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services sends out loving care to patients through our caregivers by:

  • Home Management

    In their previous years, patients may often omit household chores because it gets too taxing for them to do on a daily basis. With our help in providing senior errand service in California, minor home cleaning and other responsibilities can be left into the care of our licensed caregivers. Restocking food and house supplies, trips to doctor appointments and hospital visits are basic tasks our caregivers can deliver. We always aspire to give a better disposition to our patients to ease them out of their physical challenges to ultimately put a smile on their face and make them happy individuals.

  • Attending To Personal Needs

    Some of our patients need further assistance with basic personal hygiene. To safeguard their health and keep them away from infections, our caregivers are keenly trained in identifying the necessities of seniors and are sensitive enough in providing the similar loving care and assistance, like that of a family member. We approach the individual requirements of our patients by conscientiously training our caregivers to understand the aspects of senior needs.

  • Safe Methods

    We understand the delicateness of our patients. In this respect, we have included in our training the proper stances in safely assisting a senior loved from a seated position to an upright, walking movement and back to a seated position again. Patience and understanding play a great factor in assistance – this should be included in your checklist in getting services from providers of senior care assistance in California.

Having a reliable friend there to help you out with your senior loved one is a blessing that you can always be thankful for because sometimes, we also need to take a break from providing the primary care.

Give your senior loved one a happy, healthy, and safe home with “Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services.

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