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Safety Essentials for Granny: Guide for Family Caregivers


The safety of your elderly loved one is also our concern as providers of senior home care in San Jose, California. Hence, following are measures that you, as a family caregiver, need to have established at home.

  • Keep Your Emergency Numbers’ List Always Ready
    Emergency situations can happen at home and sometimes, we become engrossed at the moment that we get paralyzed on what to do next. However, you should post a list of numbers to contact in any case of emergency so that you will get the right help that you need. These numbers include 911, a family member’s, a friend’s, and your doctor’s.
  • Protect Granny from Risks of Falls
    Our aging loved ones may face difficulty in maintaining a good balance while standing or walking. This can put them at risk for falls. Along with that, when they have already experienced fall incidents in the past, their risks are increased even more. To help your Granny manage these risks, ensure that there are grab bars they can quickly hold on to at home. Make sure that the flooring is also cleared from any scattered objects so they can walk about safely. Remind your Granny to wear non-skid shoes so that there’s a lesser chance of slipping indoors. More importantly, inform all members of the household to ensure that every fall hazard they can see has to be removed to protect Granny from any possibilities of falls.
  • Keep Your Home Safe
    When your aging loved one is mostly alone at home, you can keep them company with our staff providing senior care assistance in California. This way, when emergency incidences happen, someone can immediately come to their rescue. Still, you can put up safety and emergency measures in place. Ensure that smoke detectors are fully functional and that emergency exits are always ready. When you have malfunctioning appliances, replace them right away so that you can secure from any power accidents. Be mindful when cooking and keep clothing items as far away from the fire as possible.
  • Ensure Safety in the Bathroom
    Bathroom safety is also very vital to keep your aging loved safe at home. With help from providers of senior errand services in California, you can set the water heater always at the right temperature to prevent skin burning. Make sure that grab bars are securely installed inside and that non-skid mats are also set on the floor.
  • Protect from Medication Hazards
    Your elderly loved one’s medications can put them in a risky situation when there’s no one supervising them. They might end up mixing their medicines or taking the meds more than required. They may also forget about taking their medications on schedule, which can affect their overall wellness.

Your friends at “Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services are here ready to assist and support you when you need some help in caring for your aging family member. To partner with us in caring for a home-bound loved one, contact us.

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