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Maximizing Your Senior’s Home For Wellness And Comfort


Your elderly loved one may be homebound but their home does not have to be boring and gloomy. Rather, you can change the way they go about life at home by checking on their furniture and their household arrangement. Their homes should be centered on wellness and comfort that at least, they have a space keeps them happy and relaxed with a lot of tender loving care from our providers of senior home care in San Jose, California.

Here are helpful tips to achieve comfort and wellness:

  • Check Furniture Comfort

    Buying new furniture can be an option to give extra comfort to your senior loved one but it is not quite necessary since you can repair or modify any available furniture at home. Repairs can mean checking on tables and chair legs to see if they have come loose and need any hammering down to strengthen them back to shape. Modifying available furniture can simply be adding pillows on couches or on favorite chairs to make them ergonomic in purpose because what we are truly aiming for is comfort in the homes of your seniors.

  • Provide New Entertainment

    It may be unthinkable but older adults have taken an interest in online gaming and some of them have even been dubbed as “elder gaming experts” or “older adult gamers” because of their online gaming successes. Their involvement in online gaming has promoted longevity and active critical thinking because of the strategies they lay out for each game. But if your senior is not interested in online gaming, new movies, on different online platforms can still give them good entertainment along with other hobbies they still like doing like reading and gardening. You can give them new books, plants or gardening tools to make their time more interesting at home. Your little gifts still go a long way.

  • Re-arrange Household Items

    Since they are getting older, it would also be ideal to re-arrange a few items around the house, especially in the kitchen where breakables are often used. If glasses are placed on a higher shelf level, they can probably be brought one level lower to make it more accessible and to minimize overreaching since it can overstretch shoulder muscles, plus the possibility of glasses getting tipped over and falling on your senior. Re-arranging the setup of their home can also give it a new look and it would even give you the chance to spot things that can already be disposed of.

If you need a little help in making your senior’s home feel so much better, you can coordinate with our senior care assistance in California to help you get some things done.

Why worry when you have “Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services who can help you make a comfortable and wellness home for your seniors!

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