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How can You Assist a Senior When Grocery Shopping

how-can-you-assist-a-senior-when-grocery -shopping

Our senior family members will cherish their sense of independence. Whatever activity they can still manage to do will always be achieved with their best strength. This is good however, since this can bolster their mental condition and at the same time affirm their sense of purpose. One of the common activities that seniors still manage to accomplish on their own is grocery shopping. However, even this simple task can put their safety and wellbeing at risk when they’re running the errand alone. Our senior errand services in California involve providing assistance to your senior loved one in activities such as grocery shopping, that is, when you’re not around to help them out at that moment.

We would like to extend some helpful tips to keep in mind when your turn comes to keep them company while grocery shopping. Consider the following:


    Your senior loved one may forget or overlook some items that they need to buy, so it’s better for them to keep a list. Either you write the list yourself or have them write instead. What’s important is that you have something to check on so you can maximize your time in the store without having the need to travel again.


    When your aging family member buys packed foods, encourage them to read the nutrition information found on the label. This information can help them decide if the food should be purchased or if they should have an alternative instead. Seniors already have to watch over their diet, so eating healthy is ideal.


    Even if your loved one can receive assistance from professionals providing senior home care in San Jose, California, they still need to ensure that they’re sticking to the budget. This can be managed when they don’t splurge on buying food. When they’ve already eaten before they go shopping, there will be no temptation on buying other snacks unnecessarily.


    Food items in the grocery store are typically grouped together. The fresh produce of fruits and vegetables can be found in the same aisle. Ensure that your aging loved one sticks on these kinds of lanes so that the choices they make will always be something healthy. After all, this is also for their overall health.


    Going outdoors can be risky for seniors especially when the weather is not good. When it can’t be helped that they really had to do the grocery themselves, make sure that they’re dressed comfortably and safely. Protect them from too much cold or heat and ensure that their footwear can keep them safe from falls.

If your loved one needs senior care assistance in California, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at “Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services. We can help your senior loved one in accomplishing their errands safely and conveniently.

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