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Fall Prevention and Senior Safety at Home: 10 Questions to Ask


When you have a senior family member in your home, you will have to ensure their safety from falls. Because they are vulnerable, falls are risk factors in the senior population, and the risk increases over the years. Aside from personally supporting your loved one, you can also request for someone providing senior care assistance in California to accompany them wherever they go.

To help you keep your senior loved one safe from falls, here are guide questions to remember:

  1. Has your senior loved one fallen last year? Seniors who have experienced falls in the past tend to experience further falls in the future.

  2. Has your senior been required to use a cane? If their doctor required them to use a cane, they are more likely to fall.

  3. Has your loved one felt unsteady when walking? This is a sign of poor balance that needs help from providers of senior home care in San Jose, California.

  4. Has your loved one felt worried about falling? Those who express fear about falling get to experience an actual fall.

  5. Does your loved one need assistance standing up? This means your loved one can no longer stand without assistance, hence, the need for new care assistants.

  6. Does your senior have difficulty stepping on elevated steps? This is a sign of muscle weakness in the legs which usually means a need for assistance in going up or down.

  7. Does your loved one hurry to the toilet? Walking towards the restroom in quickened paces can increase your senior loved one’s risk on falling.

  8. Does your loved one experience numbness on the feet? Feeling numb at the foot area means there’s muscle weakness which can most likely lead to episodes of fall.

  9. Does their medication result in a dizzy feeling? Some medications contribute to side effects such as dizziness or fainting. These can lead to falling which poses an even riskier situation for your loved one.

  10. Does your loved one often feel depressed? These feelings are mostly associated with seniors who experienced falls.

These questions are some of the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control. These are aimed to help a family caregiver be made aware of the present challenges that their senior loved ones are facing, especially when it comes to fall risks. With help from care providers, especially in meeting senior errand services in California, your family member’s minor needs can be properly addressed and their safety secured.

If you need assistance in protecting your aging beloved at home, don’t hesitate to call us. At “Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services, we help you see to it that your family member is given the right amount of care they deserve. Don’t think twice about contacting us.

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