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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

What to Remember when Cooking for Seniors

Healthy meals are essential elements for an elderly loved one’s overall wellbeing. Hence, as family caregivers, we need always to ensure that our aging family members are eating healthy, well-balanced, and nutritious meals. As providers of senior home care in San Jose, California, let us share with you some helpful insights on meal preparations that … Continue reading

Things to Remember When Lifting an Elderly Person

As the leading provider of senior care assistance in California, we have a vast experience of moving and lifting individuals, especially those with a disability and the elderly. Because these are very vulnerable physical conditions, lifting them involves a special set of skills and extra precaution to ensure their safety and your convenience. If you’re … Continue reading

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How can You Assist a Senior When Grocery Shopping

Our senior family members will cherish their sense of independence. Whatever activity they can still manage to do will always be achieved with their best strength. This is good however, since this can bolster their mental condition and at the same time affirm their sense of purpose. One of the common activities that seniors still … Continue reading

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5 Tips: How to Keep Seniors Safe in the Kitchen

When you see your often senior loved one in the kitchen, that’s because this is one of the places at home where families bond. Our senior family members used to be the ones to prepare the food, serve the family, and make sure that everyone would have a great experience every meal time. No wonder … Continue reading

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Senior Care: How to Stay Healthy in Your Later Years

Many families typically get the assistance of professional providers of senior errand service in California for their aging loved ones. While this can help you avoid heavy work which can compromise your safety and help you stay healthy, you can do something on your own, as well. Here are tips on how you can stay … Continue reading

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Ways to Keep Seniors Safe in Their Homes

Senior safety is a top priority. To keep your aging loved ones safe in their own homes, here are 3 simple ways you can follow. Get rid of all clutter. Clutter increases the risk of slips and falls at home. That is why it is important to remove any kind of clutter, especially on the … Continue reading

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