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5 Tips: How to Keep Seniors Safe in the Kitchen


When you see your often senior loved one in the kitchen, that’s because this is one of the places at home where families bond. Our senior family members used to be the ones to prepare the food, serve the family, and make sure that everyone would have a great experience every meal time. No wonder that even in their aging years, your seniors would like to do things in the kitchen. This sense of family activity and independence can bolster their mental well-being but can also put them at risk of accidents.

As your partner in providing senior home care in San Jose, California, we’re one with you in advocating for the safety of your aging loved one at home, especially in the kitchen. Hence, we would like to share the following important reminders:

  1. Keep Floors Clean and Dry

    Spills on the floor or some little items that were not picked up immediately can cause sliding or tripping incidents, which can be injurious to your elderly loved one. When you know that your loved one is going to be in the kitchen, go ahead of them to check on the floors so no slipping incidents can happen.

  2. Prepare All Their Equipment/Ingredients

    Consult your senior loved one what they’re going to do in the kitchen so that you can help them prepare the equipment first. You would not want them climbing up on higher cabinets just to get the pan. Prepare all these ahead so they can easily reach out for them. In case of your absence, assign a provider of senior errand service in California to do this preparation on your behalf.

  3. Be Mindful of Fire Safety

    Ensure that your fire safety measures are in place at home. It’s best when your elderly loved one always has someone with them when they’re cooking in the kitchen so that they can double check if the stove has been truly turned off or the electric appliances have been unplugged. These are the common triggers of fires in the kitchen.

  4. Prioritize Safety

    Always consider the safety of your senior loved one whenever they’re in the kitchen. If it means renovating the whole kitchen to make the items easily accessible, or replacing glass chinaware with plastic, then do so. The safety of your senior loved one also means peace of mind for you and your family.

  5. Dispose Unused Foods Properly

    Keeping your loved one safe also involves ensuring that their health is well. Infections can easily creep in when there are excess food that were not disposed properly. When you can’t manage to consume the available food, either recycle it or as a last resort, dispose it in the right place. Providers of senior care assistance in California can help you out in this errand.

At “Boundless Caregivers” Senior Mobile Services, we enable your senior loved one to live as independently as possible so they can have quality years in their golden years. Contact us for your inquiries.

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